Every trip to India is an immersion into a different world. It takes a few days and you have to feel your way around slowly. But when you are open to the other culture, you very quickly start to love the country.

Family, eating together, social life plays an important role in the life of Indians. Things that we often prioritize less in Western countries with our often exaggerated individualism. So the interest of the Indians in us, the visitors, is honest and direct. They want to know we live and, above all, what our family circumstances are like.

On the production side, there are numerous challenges that you are always confronted with. Here in Germany it is often difficult to understand them. For example, it is not uncommon for a worker not to come to work for a few days. Indian workers also receive holidays, and numerous religious holidays often lead to their absence. However, unlike the foresighted holiday planning we practice, it is not uncommon for workers not to tell us beforehand on which days they will not be at work. If we then want to have our new products in the shortest possible time, the manufacturer intends to deliver on time, but it can happen that he cannot do so because the required personnel capacity is simply not available. Our partner companies therefore like to employ people of different cultures and religions, because then not all workers are absent at the same time.

Power outages or monsoon-related production and transport delays are also part of the daily routine. As a consequence of climate change, there has also been a significant increase in heat in the country in the past, which also has an impact on the otherwise heat-tested Indians.

However, we are definitely very satisfied with the decision to produce in India, because in addition to excellent products, we and our partners can also do a lot for our employees, who can look after their families, who can send their children to school and who can live a decent life through a good job.


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